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About Medicine On Earth

About Us

Medicine On Earth is a multi author site focusing on general health, weight loss and natural remedies.

We aim to provide up to date advice on a range of topics as well as the occasional product review and our own take on any relevant news stories that break.

Our goal is to both expand our own knowledge (finding interesting things to write about tends to encourage that!) and educate our readers on a range of topics that interest us, and will hopefully interest you too!

We try to use “plain english” wherever possible, and occasionally inject a little dry humor!

We endeavor to cover topics in a manner which is both concise but with enough detail to allow you to make informed decisions outlining general principles, how different techniques or products work, referring to research where appropriate as well as commenting on media coverage where we feel it appropriate.

We try to present a balanced view at all times, to that end we sometimes cover things we do not necessarily recommend, where we do this we say so, usually in bold red letters. Perhaps that is not balanced in terms of the post, but hopefully you will understand that there are things we are interested in and want to cover, which are techniques, products or views we do not necessarily subscribe to.

In short, we try to maintain a level of editorial integrity.


We  your privacy seriously, moreover, we actually have have no interest in finding out who you are, where you are, what your doing or anything like that.

We simply want to write about the things that interest us, and, if you are reading this we guess you are interested in reading about things that interest you (though privacy pages are not the most engaging content on a site!).

We do use cookies on our site, there is hardly a website in the world that does not these days.

These cookies are not fattening, in fact they are not even edible, nor are they scary. They are plain text files that assign a random string which is passed between your browser and our site to help determine how users move through our site, and sometimes to remember your browser (not you as an individual) if you do things like post comments.

Cookies are also useful in our web statistics, we can see how interested anonymous users are in particular pages, fascinating stuff like that, but none of this is attributable to you as an individual and is not different to anything else you will find on the web, in fact, this is a lot less than most sites attempt to do!

If you do not want to set cookies on websites turn them off in your browser, but be aware a lot of sites will break if you do this, though, we think our site will still work ok because, like we said, we dont really care who you are as an individual (unless you post a nice comment with your name in it or reach out to us in some other way) so there is nothing on our site that really “depends” on cookies being set.

We hope that re-assures you somewhat!

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If you would like to contact us please use the form below, but before you do please be aware of the following:

  1. We do not accept garbage guest posts designed to promote garbage websites
  2. We do not buy services of any kind offered through our contact page

If you send us anything like that it will be tagged as spam, and with a little luck all subsequent mails you send will go straight in the trash.

That aside, we would be glad to hear from you!

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