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Saffron Extract a Natural aid to Weight Loss and more

saffronextractSaffron extract is derived from the stigma of the saffron flower, a renowned and highly prized (and priced) spice primarily grown in North Africa and parts of the Mediterranean (southern Spain for example). It can take over 70,000 stigma to produce just one kilo of saffron and the process cannot be automated as flowers have to be picked and the stigma removed from the flower. For this reason saffron is probably the worlds most expensive spice.

As well as being used in cooking (and for dying clothing) saffron extract has been used as a natural remedy for centuries, more recently studies have been conducted on Saffron and it has been found beneficial in a number of areas.

Satiereal saffron extract itself does not directly affect the working of the body, instead it works in much the same way as 5-HTP by increasing levels of serotonin which has in turn been found to be mood altering as well as an appetite suppressant. It is for this reason Saffron has come to be used as a weight loss supplement.

Saffron Extract Helps Reduce Emotional Eating

The key thing to understand with Satiereal Saffron and any other serotonin enhancing product is that it is most beneficial when it comes to emotional eating or comfort eating. Studies have found that increased serotonin levels can help reduce intermittent eating and snacking between meals. Some studies found that this also reduced carbohydrate intake. This is not a physical effect so much as a psychological one. Compulsive or habitual eating is a psychological phenomena, it should come as no surprise therefore that remedies would also work at the psychological level.

Clearly those who have most to gain from using saffron extract are those who have issues with these behavior patterns. If you do not suffer cravings or snack between meals then you are unlikely to see any benefit from using saffron or other serotonin enhancing products. On the other hand, if you do eat emotionally then you may find it (or 5-HTP) useful. To get a better understanding of how saffron extract works and what kind of results you may see you can watch the following video:


It needs to be remembered that the above video only shows results from a very quick informal test done on just two women, selected because of their tendency to snack and eat emotionally, however the results reported in that video are none the less impressive with one woman recording weight loss of five pounds in three days.

Another important point is that these women were not asked to diet, and as with previous studies were allowed to eat whatever they wanted. They were not dieting or trying to reduce calorie intake, they carried on with their normal routine the measured effects were purely from the extract they were using at the time.

Will  It Help me Lose Weight?

When it comes to weight loss there is no one size fits all solution, if there were the weight loss industry would not be as diverse as it is. Whether saffron extract helps you lose weight really depends on whether you suffer the kinds of problem it is said to help with.

Do You:

Feel hungry between meals?

  • Comfort eat, feel an urge to eat between meals?
  • Snack habitually?

If so then you may well benefit from taking Saffron Extract as studies found that it:

  • Decreased snacking in 55% of participants vs 28% given a placebo
  • Decreased appetite and feelings of hunger in between meals in 84% of participants compared to 52% given a placebo
  • Decreased desire / craving for suggary snacks in 78% of participants vs 46% given a placebo

If none of the above apply to you it may be that this particular product is not a good fit for you, though some people say that they felt fuller after eating regular meals, most of those reporting a benefit referred to snacking.

It is important to remember that whilst some people report great success from taking this extract, others saw no benefit at all. Even within the same family you read mixed reviews along the lines of “my husband lost 12lbs but it did nothing for me”, or “I lost weight but it made no difference to my daughter”. Again, it really comes down to your personal circumstances and eating habbits.

The Only Way To Know for Sure is to Try It!

Ultimately if you want to know whether you could benefit from this product you need to try it. As mentioned above, you can read all the reviews you like, and you could convince yourself it is a miracle solution, or you could convince yourself it is useless, as there are plenty of people testifying to both great success and not noticing any difference at all, even within the same family. So, if you really want to know whether it works for you personally you will have to try it for yourself and see how you get on with it.

How is it Made?

Saffron is extracted from the saffron crocus flower grown in North Africa and parts of the mediteranean. Flowers are harvested by hand and the dried stigma is removed. It is a long and tedious process making it a highly prized spice. For centuries it was used for seasoning as well for coloring, only recently did its potential as a weight loss supplement come to light. Saffron Extract of saffron flower is used in cuisines for seasoning and coloring. It has deep auburn color and has a very rich sweetish flavor. It is said, the deeper the color, the richer the spice. The spice is expensive because it takes about 250,000 stigmas of crocus flower to attain half a kilo of saffron.



Saffron flowers are delicate and cannot be harvested mechanically, all work is done by hand.


Removing the Stigma

Only the Stigma of the flower is used, again this process cannot be automated and is done by hand.


A Precious Substance

Stigma are small and with only a few per flower head returns of all this effort are only small quantities of pure saffron.

Pure Saffron is then processed to form an extract in tabular form which can be taken regularly as a measured dose. It is also mixed with other additives to make it more edible / soluable.

Good Luck In Your Quest!

We hope you found this post  informative, and if you do decide to take the plunge and try saffron extract we sincerely hope it works out for you. If not, don’t despair, just put it down to experience and try something else. There are lots of different ways to lose weight, and not a single one works for everyone, it is just a case of perservering and figuring out what works for you and what doesnt. Whilst that can be frustrating, those who persevere get there in the end.

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